Finned Tubes (extruded bimetallic)

The finned tubes manufactured by TMT have definite advantages in regard to thermal stability and mechanical durability that is a direct result of using a bimetallic extrusion process. In addition, application of the bimetallic extrusion provides efficient protection against corrosion caused by the weather and thereby guarantees long-term operation under harsh weather conditions.

Due to greater stiffness finned tubes can be easily cleaned with vapour or water without any risk of bending or damaging the fins. Any metal tube withstanding the load during the finning process is suitable for use as an inner tube. The special features of the extruded finned tubes allow operation at temperature as high as 300 ºC (572 ºF).

Dimensional parameters of the finned tubes are specified by the customer.

Parameters of Finning - Table in Millimetres
Parameters of Finning - Table in Inches