About the Company

Founded in 1865, TMT is a company with long traditions and a staff of about 370 people.

TMT’s facilities are logistically well located: 2 km from the seaport of Tallinn; close to an extensive road network; next to a cargo station.

Throughout its long history TMT has been active in the field of manufacturing and marketing industrial machinery and equipment, especially for the oil and gas industries and oil-processing companies. In 1963, the company was the first in the Soviet Union to launch the production of heat exchangers, which remains its main production line today. 

Also TMT is specialized in manufacturing of steel casting products. Most of the castings are used for manufacturing air-cooled heat exchangers, but we are willing to offer casting service according to the requirements of the customer.

Owing to high-quality products, a stable marketing system, good relations with the customers and status as intra-ministry head company in the former Soviet Union, TMT has maintained good relations with different companies within the petrochemical and chemical industry throughout the CIS countries. A favourable quality/price ratio and customer-focused servicing have contributed to the success of the company compared to other big companies in the former Soviet Union.

At present TMT is holding the position of the biggest manufacturer of air-cooled heat exchangers in the Baltic and Nordic region and currently around 30 per cent of the gas needed by Europe is transported via equipment manufactured by TMT. TMT supplies up to 25 per cent of the former Soviet Union market of heat exchangers used in oil, gas and chemical production. Exports account for more than 90 per cent of TMT’s sales.
Milestones in corporate history
1865A coppersmith’s workshop was founded by Franz Krull in Narva, Estonia.
1899The factory moved to its current location in Tallinn.
1949The factory adopted its present name – Tallinna Masinatehas.
1963A new production line – air-cooled heat exchangers – was introduced.
1993The company was privatised.
2000There was a change of the owner.
2001TMT's quality management system has been verified by the ISO 9001:2000 certificate by Bureau Veritas Quality International.
2002A representative office was opened in  Russia.
2004Manufacturing of air-cooled heat exchangers and steel casting products was separated.
2005 There was a change of the owner. 
2012 The factory belongs to TMT Holding