About us

Throughout its long history TMT has been active in the field of manufacturing and marketing industrial machinery and equipment, especially for the oil and gas industries and oil-processing companies. In 1963, the company was the first in the Soviet Union to launch the production of heat exchangers, which remains its main production line today.

Our clients

At present TMT is holding the position of the biggest manufacturer of air-cooled heat exchangers in the Baltic and Nordic region and currently around 30 per cent of the gas needed by Europe is transported via equipment manufactured by TMT. TMT supplies up to 25 per cent of the former Soviet Union market of heat exchangers used in oil, gas and chemical production.


The product range of TMT is mostly related to air-cooled heat exchangers. Industrial heat exchangers form an essential part of many industrial processes. Since each particular industrial process tends to be unique, the equipment related to these processes involves a high degree of custom engineering and manufacturing.
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