Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

The air-cooled heat exchangers made by TMT are mainly used for the condensation and cooling of vaporous, gaseous and liquid substances in applications used in the refining, petrochemical and related industries as well as in many other different technological processes, like cooling high-viscosity liquid products, natural gas, water, etc.

Due to high plant flexibility it is possible to manufacture heat exchangers with different performance features. The construction of the air-cooled heat exchangers made by TMT may be both horizontal and vertical. TMT can manufacture both forced draft and induced draft air-cooled heat exchangers. The highest working pressure of the air-cooled heat exchangers manufactured by TMT is 320 bar. The design of the heat exchangers and careful choice of materials guarantees seamless performance of these heat exchangers at ambient temperatures from –40 ºC to +300 ºC (–40 ºF to +572 ºF).

The dimensions and technical characteristics of the heat exchangers should be specified by the customers while it is our task to guarantee perfect quality and long-term reliability of the products for many years.

Horizontal air-cooled heat exchanger
A-frame air-cooled heat exchanger

Fields of application of air-cooled heat exchangers:
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Compressor stations for gas pipelines
  • Subsurface gas storage facilities
  • Plants producing polychlorvinyl, polyethylene, glass fibre, biplastic
  • Caustic soda plants
  • By-product coke plants
  • Ammonia transportation and handling plants
  • Mineral fertilizers plants
  • Synthetic spirit plants
  • Technical rubber product plants
  • Integrated iron-and-steel works

The use of air for cooling instead of water is becoming more and more frequent. This is due to a number of reasons:
  • water is unavailable, costly or undesirable
  • easy to locate possible leakages
  • environmentally friendly
  • tube corrosion caused by the cooling substance is minimised
  • lack of possibility to contaminate the product with the cooling substance