Engineering services

The Design and Development Department of the TMT factory is the team of highly qualified designers and constructors with many years of experience in project design.
We create drawings in Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD software on the basis of 2D and 3D models of designed products.
    Our capabilities:
    1. Development of specifications
    2. Engineering / design
    3. Strength calculations
    One of the most important features of a unit is its safe operation. To ensure safety, the design of a unit must be strong enough to withstand any loads applied. To verify sufficient design strength, we analyze effective loads and conduct engineering and verification calculations.
    To calculate the strength of pressure vessels, we apply Visual Vessel Design software.
    4. HTRI thermohydraulic calculation
    For thermohydraulic calculations, we use HTRI Xchanger Suite software.
    This software is designed to calculate the properties of the following types of units:
    • Air cooler units;
    • Shell and tube units;
    • Plate-type units;
    • Double pipe units;
    • Spiral-type units; and
    • Fire heaters and stoves.
    The software is used for:
    • Thermal calculations;
    • Hydraulic calculations;
    • Aerodynamic calculations;
    • Process simulations;
    • Overview of medium behavior in different conditions.
    5. 3D modeling
    • 3D modeling of products in the Autodesk Inventor environment.
    • Analysis of product strength in the ANSYS environment.
    6. Preparation of design documents
    7. Development of operational documents (descriptions, manuals, instructions, etc.).
      Design standards:
    • GOST R ISO 13706. Air-cooled Units. General Technical Requirements.
    • GOST R 51364. Air Cooler Units. General Specifications.
    • GOST R 52630. Welded Steel Vessels and Units. General Specifications.
    • GOST R 52857. Vessels and Units. Strength Calculation Standards and Methods.
    • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.
    • PD 5500 Specification for Unfired, Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels.
    • EN 13445 European Standard for Unfired Pressure Vessels.
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