Heat exchange equipment

Shell and tube heat exchangers

One of the most important activities of the Tallinn Machine Building Factory (hereinafter referred to as the "TMT") is the production of shell and tube heat exchangers designed for oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, oil, gas and other industries. These includes: heat exchangers, refrigerators, condensers and evaporators. Each of these types of equipment is characterized by design, technical and operational features, depending on the purpose, the properties of the medium that transmits or absorbs heat, as well as the external conditions of application and operation.
Operating pressure range in shell and tube heat exchangers manufactured by TMT  is from 0.6 to 16.0 MPa, operating temperatures up to 350 °C.
In addition to manufacturing new shell and tube devices, TMT provides repairs of equipment in operation, conducts expert reviews and, together with customers, replaces the most worn-out units, such as tube bundles, distribution chambers, etc.
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