Heat exchange equipment

Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

The production of general purpose air-cooled heat exchangers (ACHE) laid the foundation for the development of Tallinn Machinebuilding Factory (TMT) as a leading company supplying heat exchange equipment for oil refining and chemical industries. Examples include ACHEs operating under pressure up to 6.3 MPa and operating temperature up to 400 °C. With over half a century of experience, TMT has mastered the production of a complete range of standard equipment, as well as the design and manufacture of non-standard versions, whose specifications are different from standard equipment, offering customers more flexibility in solving their own challenges. TMT offers the design and manufacture of ACHE for the widest range of applications, both from conventional boiler steel and from super austenitic and heat-resistant steels. Throughout the entire lifetime of equipment, TMT provides technical assistance and support to customers, who can receive both standard spare parts and individual elements of ACHE that are subject to replacement over the course of decades from the date of installation.
    In cooperation with our customers, we successfully solve any challenges associated with the repair and modernization of ACHEs, extending their lifetime and giving them new consumer properties.
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