Technical audit

Tallinn Machinebuilding Factory (TMT) offers services in the examination of technical state of all types of heat-exchange equipment: assessment of operating capacity, detection of defects, preparation of corrective measures for replacement or modernization of both separate units and equipment as a whole — in order to optimize the consumable component to provide the enterprise with the most efficiently operating equipment.
TMT’s experience in this field implies the following algorithm of interaction with clients:
  • the client describes the technical state of equipment concerned and/or sets a task to change parameters of production process, and sends the description and/or task together with the existing technical documents to the TMT;
  • TMT examines the received materials and sends a specialist (specialists) to the client’s enterprise to study the situation on site;
  • following the results of the study trip, a specialist (group of specialists) is sent with the required equipment and tools for the purpose of measuring and determining the actual technical state of the equipment concerned. The final result of this stage is the development and issuance of recommendations for replacement, modernization or repair of the existing equipment. All recommendations are supported by calculations, fault reports and cost calculations for the proposed type of works;
  • the client chooses an acceptable option and makes a decision on replacement, modernization or repair of the equipment concerned using, at its own discretion, the production facilities of the TMT or of another enterprise.
  • Tallinn Machinebuilding Factory is ready to provide technical support to the client in cooperation with the leading design organizations, as well as in supervision of manufactured equipment.
In case the client is interested in our services, we (TMT) will send a detailed plan of works and activities for the above examination, as well as will participate and help the client to draw up an appropriate work specification.
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