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Baltic Metal Construction OÜ

On the basis of Tallinn Machine building Factory (TMT), we have started a new direction in the production (subsidiary OÜ Baltic Metal Construction), which main purpose is to meet ever-increasing demand for metal constructions of varying complexity such as:
  • Metal Constructions for Industrial purposes
  • Production of collectors and pipe units for the pumping stations with working pressures up to 320 bar
  • Various conveyor systems, assemblies mechanisms and aggregates
  • A full range of secondary metal constructions for petroleum, gas terminals and refineries
  • Different alloy steels products on customer drawings, followed by mechanical treatment, including working pressure 320 bar, the covers for the air cooled units.
We own modern advanced equipment, experienced engineering staff and skilled workforce, as well as a network of subcontractors to carry out the following work:
  • Welding manual, semi-automatic, automatic submerged arc
  • Gas, plasma, laser cutting and sheet metal vodoabrazivnaja
  • Rolling of sheet width up to 3000 mm and a thickness of 60 mm
  • All types of heat treatment, heat treatment including oversized
  • Machining on CNC machining centers
  • Hot zinc coating design
  • Corrosion protection of structures using materials that provide resistance to 15-20 years or more, in climates from the tropics to the far north.
The work always completed on the customer’s specifications, as well as drawings. In our competence complete tasks from development of workshop design documentation to delivery of finished product to the address specified by the customer.
Nurmevälja 4, 74114 Maardu
Tel.  +372 641 54 05
Fax: +372 644 4621

Techno Serv OÜ

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