Quality & Control

Quality is the prime concern for Tallinn Machinebuilding Factory (TMT): since our products are crucial to the success of our customers, everything TMT does for its customers must live up to the highest standards of quality. The company prioritises quality not just in the products but also in all spheres of operation.
Heat exchange equipment manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the technical documentation:
  • GOST R 51364-99 (ISO 6758-80) Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers. General specifications;
  • GOST 31842-2012 (ISO 16812:2017) Oil and Gas industry. Shell and tube heat exchangers. Technical requirements;
  • GOST 34347-2017 Steel welded vessels and apparatus. General specifications;
  • PB 03-576-03 Rules of designing and safe operation of vessels working under pressure;
  • ISO 13706-2011 Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers. General specifications;
  • SOU MPP 71.120-217:2009 Steel welded vessels and apparatus. General specifications;
  • EN 13445 Unfired Pressure Vessels;
  • PED 2014/68/EU.
Inspection and tests In order to control and approve the quality of materials as well as manufactured products, TMT has developed a full-equipped laboratory and a testing workshop on site. All materials pass inspection and testing before they are used in the production process while all products are checked before they leave the factory. Testing performed by TMT's laboratory and testing workshop personnel includes the following operations:
  • Hydrostatic testing;
  • Pressure testing;
  • Radiography;
  • Ultrasonic testing;
  • Magnetic particle examination;
  • Penetration tests;
  • Metallography;
  • Mechanical tests.
We assure you that TMT's quality control is exceptional and covers every stage of design and manufacturing and ensures that the final product fulfils the quality requirements of the customer.
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