Heat exchange equipment

Parts of Air-cooled heat exchangers

Finned Tubes

Tallinn Machinebuilding Factory (TMT) supplies heat exchange pipes of various types, both as constituent parts of air cooler units and other equipment with this part in their design. Fin pipes offered by TMT have the following advantages: high heat transfer coefficient, manufacturing quality, as well as mechanical strength achieved by the technology of finning bimetallic pipes by the knurling method. In addition to these advantages, the pipes are well protected against weather-induced corrosion thus ensuring a long service life even in the most unfavourable climatological conditions.

Casted bonnet

Casted bonnet of split-design chambers for a section of TMT air-cooled tube units have been working successfully at the factory’s customers for decades. We supply casted bonnet on the basis of the available structured database of technical documentation and equipment for the successful manufacture of covers according to any customer’s wishes, both in terms of material design and product dimensions.

Heat recovery system

For operation in a cold climate, air cooler heat exchangers are often equipped with heated air recirculation systems in order to prevent  overcooling of the product.TMT has supply solutions for recirculation systems of both classical and modular design for simplified installation on ACHE.


Louvres are used for regulating the product temperature, including in heated air recirculation systems, as well as to protect against hydrate formation in gas ACHE. Quality aluminium and steel louvres aid in improving the performance, safety, and energy efficiency of an ACHE. TMT has developed louvres systems for ACHE with both manual and pneumatic or electrical control.

Humidification system

Air cooler heat exchangers may be equipped with an air humidifier necessary to relieve maximum loads during summertime. To reduce the air temperature, the air is humidified by injecting water mist into the air stream. This system allows increasing the intensity of heat exchange in the ACHE, by lowering the temperature of the incoming air. Moreover, TMT can offer an irrigation system for ACHE, where the heat exchange is intensified through the purified water getting on the pipe sections of the ACHE, followed by the collection of wastewater, thus preventing the soil erosion at customers’ facilities.

Fan blocks

Often, when revising heat exchange sections and increasing the heat exchange area, customers do not pay due consideration to the possibility of increasing the productivity of the unit by replacing the fan module. Modern lightweight and efficient impellers both reduce energy consumption and significantly outperform impellers of older constructions. Our offered gear drives have high efficiency and require minimal maintenance, V-belt drives at a low cost are durable, inexpensive and easy to use, the latest low-speed electric motors have increased efficiency with reduced size and weight. A collector with smooth contours adds up to 10% to the fan module’s performance, a modern-design diffuser and collector do not require the engine frame to be tied to the supporting structures. There is an abundance of similar solutions for creating leading and innovative ventilation units. TMT works in constant collaboration with specialised institutes, direct equipment operators and leading world manufacturers in order to find and implement the best ideas.


TMT, for both employing in their own products and for supplying to our customers, has been successfully using extruded aluminium (ALU) and fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) impellers manufactured by our Italian partners, Ilmed Ventilazione Srl, for many years. Ilmed impellers are designed to ensure maximum reliability and performance throughout their entire service life.


One of the most reliable and effective ways of transferring rotation from an electric motor to the impeller is a geared transmission. TMT has long-term relationships with leading manufacturers of reduction units from all over the world and uses these products in their own air cooler heat exchangers. TMT successfully finds the best solutions for our esteemed customers for ACHE drives, evaluating the production peculiarities, climatic performance, budget and the customer’s wishes.

Frequency converters

/>TMT works in collaboration with leading manufacturers of frequency converters. Frequency converters allow regulating the rotation speed of an electric motor by changing the input frequency. The introduction of frequency converters into production and automation systems that use them lead to a significant increase in the economic and operational efficiency of air cooler heat exchangers.
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