About the Company

The Tallinn Machinebuilding Factory (hereinafter TMT) dates back to 1865, when an entrepreneurial 35-year-old German from Lübeck, Franz Krull, opened a coppersmith’s workshop in Narva for the production of equipment for distilleries.
    Throughout its history, the factory had many names and produced various equipment, including equipment for the oil and gas industry.
    Since 1963, the factory has become the head company for the pilot projects and subsequent serial production of air-cooled heat exchangers (ACHE).
      During this time, a unique experience was accumulated in the production of air cooler units that remained the main product of TMT for a long time.
    Recently, the rapidly changing market and the new TMT strategy have made their adjustments to the range of equipment produced by our company nowadays. New services that have become exceedingly popular at the present time, such as technical auditing and participation in modernisation projects of existing heat exchange and related equipment at the customer’s installations have been added. Moreover, full-scale work with various traditional and Western design organizations is carried out in order to find new technical solutions, where we act as experts for the implementation and (or) amendment of existing design solutions.
Today, TMT holds the position of the largest manufacturer of air cooler units in the Baltic and Northern regions.
    Our company has obtained the strongest competencies in the development and production of various heat exchange and other equipment operating under excessive pressure, consisting of both conventional and specialized steel grades.
      High quality and attentive attitude towards partners allow us to work successfully and accommodate the most complicated needs of our customers.
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