Vessel equipment

The separation equipment is designed for purification of associated petroleum and natural gas from mechanical impurities and dropping liquid, preparing gas for further transportation at compressor stations, production facilities, and industrial plants.
The Tallinn Machinebuilding Factory (hereinafter referred to as the TMF) manufactures gas separators (hereinafter referred to as separators) operating at a working medium temperature from minus 30 to plus 200 ° C, a maximum permissible operating pressure of over 0.05 to 16 MPa, inclusive, and with a working space capacity of over 0.1 to 25.0 m3, inclusive, used for the purification of gaseous media of groups 1 and 2 in accordance with the TR CU 032/2013.
Gas separators manufactured by the TMF are used for purification of natural or associated gas from moisture, condensate, mechanical impurities and other particles at the final stage of gas preparation for processing or transportation. These separators are part of oil and gas pretreatment plants at compressor and gas distribution stations and at other facilities of the oil and gas production and processing industry.
The following types of horizontal and vertical gas separators are manufactured:
  • Gravitational type;
  • Inertial type;
  • Mesh type;
  • Centrifugal type;
  • Mixed type.
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