Heat exchange equipment

Air-cooled heat exchangers high pressure

In the beginning of the 1970s, Tallinn Machinebuilding factory (hereinafter TMT), in cooperation with the engineering institutes VNIINEFTEMASH (Moscow) and VNIIPTkhimnefteapparatury (Volgograd), developed and introduced into mass production an air cooler operating under high pressure (160 kg/cm2–320 kg/cm2). Over the next decades and up to now, TMT has designed, manufactured, and delivered a lot of successfully operating devices to chemical plants in the CIS, the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe. Hand in hand with a search for rational technical solutions aimed at increasing the productivity of air cooling units, design-related and technological ideas were introduced that made it possible to increase the reliability of the devices, reduce their metal consumption, and shorten the production time. Thanks to many years of experience and rightfully considering themselves experts in the field of manufacturing equipment operating under high pressure, TMT provides cooperation not only as a production structure, but also as a company aimed at finding optimal engineering and commercial solutions working together with customers.
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